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Information on community budget discussions will be posted here soon!

in the mean time:

  • Email us at finance@sechelt.ca
  • Call and ask to speak to a member of the budget team 604-885-1986

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have your say on parks!

learn more about the parks department and take the survey  to provide your feedback. you can also email questions or suggestions to finance@sechelt.ca or call 604-885-1986.


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have your say on sewer!

learn more about what we do and take the survey to provide your feedback. you can also email questions or suggestions to finance@sechelt.ca or call 604-885-1986.



budget process


the district of sechelt budgets on a five year plan as required by the community charter.  this page provides information on the where our money comes from, how we spend it and the timeline for the budget process.

the community charter states that “a municipality must have a financial plan that is adopted annually, by bylaw, before the annual property tax bylaw is adopted. the charter also states that “each year, after adoption of the financial plan but before may 15, a council must, by bylaw, impose property value taxes for the year”.  

in sechelt the budget process starts in the summer, with each department planning ahead for the next year on  finding efficiencies and improving or expanding services to achieve our strategic goals. we ask or residents and business owners to contribute too. all the ideas are presented to council for consideration.

council will consider all options and decide what will most benefit sechelt in the long term. this is done through careful examination of existing costs and services, consulting with the public and making sure our assets and infrastructure will continue to serve our community for years to come. 

fast facts:

  • a 1% tax increase equals approximately $16.20 for each residential property
  • a 1% tax increase adds about $96,000 to the budget
  • the total operational budget last year was $3.7 million for sewer and $13.8 million for everything else.
  • the total capital budget last year was $1.8 million for sewer and $13.9 million for everything else.

where does our money come from?


last year 33% of our budget came from property tax. the majority of properties in sechelt are residential, so residential property taxes make up the bulk of this amount.


where does our money go?

expenses by dept

  • general government includes: administration, corporate services, financial services, information technology, bylaw enforcement, mayor and council, airport and non-departmental activities
  • community services includes: parks, arts and culture and library
  • public works includes: engineering, public works (roads, facilities, other infrastructure) and fleet maintenance

for details on all the departments and what they do, please review the 2020 - 2024 financial plan


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last year half of our budget was spent on compensation and benefits for 2 part time, 6 casual and 60 full time staff. a quarter of the budget was spent on contracted services. 





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