Commercial Vehicle License Decal

The Municipal Commercial Vehicle Licensing Program is established by provincial statute to provide a source of revenue to municipalities to offset the associated costs of roads maintenance, signage, snow removal, parking control, and the like. Any vehicle using municipal roads and operating or commercial purposes must annually purchase and display a commercial vehicle licence decal.

Today - Current Legislation

The current legislation can be found in the Local Government Act and the fees are set by provincial regulation. The licence year is defined as the calendar year, and decals may be purchased for $25-$40 depending on vehicle weight from any participating member's municipal offices beginning November 1 of each year, for validity in the following year.

Who Needs a Commercial Vehicle Licence - Municipal Decal and/or a Commercial Vehicle Permit (Plate)?

2012 Municipal decals and commercial vehicle permit and plates are available for sale starting on November 1, 2011.

If you will be operating a commercial vehicle used for the collection or delivery, or both, of merchandise or other commodity in the ordinary course of business, you will be REQUIRED to obtain a “Municipal Decal” to operate in the District of Sechelt.

In order to purchase and obtain a “Municipal Decal”, the vehicle must be insured for commercial/business use.

If you are purchasing six or more municipal decals you can complete a Commercial Vehicle Fleet Form and submit it with current copies of the vehicle registrations for each vehicle in person or by fax, mail or email.  Please include a contact name and telephone number on the form or fax cover sheet and you will be contacted when the decals are ready for pick up.

For more information on commercial vehicle licensing, please contact Sechelt staff  at 604-885-1986.