Dog Licensing & Regulations

Why Your Dog Should be Licensed

  • Many dogs leave their property – to chase an animal, a person or a vehicle, to go for a stroll, etc. The District of Sechelt receives calls of stray dogs every week.  If your dog leaves your property, is discovered by someone else and is licensed, you can be contacted – and get your dog back, quickly!
  • Licence fees help the District of Sechelt  provide animals with care, handle public safety concerns of stray, aggressive and dangerous dogs and prevent cruelty to dogs. 
  • It is the law! – Every owner of a dog shall hold a valid licence for each dog he or she owns.

Requirement to Have a Dog Licence

If you own a dog, and live in the District, you are required to have a licence for your dog.  

Further to the Dog Licensing & Control Bylaw No. 221, 1994 the owner of every dog shall, annually on or before the 1st day of January in each year or as soon thereafter as such dog shall attain the age of 6 months, obtain a dog license from the District of Sechelt Municipal hall.    The licence is to be worn by the dog around its neck on a collar.  

How do I purchase a dog licence?

You can purchase a dog licence online at or at the District Hall, on the 2nd Floor at 5797 Cowrie Street  between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Annual Dog License Fee Schedule 
 Type  Fee
 Male/Female spayed/neutered *   $20
 Male/Female NOT spayed/neutered   $50
 Replacement of lost licence tag   $10
 Senior’s Discount (65 years)   50% Discount
 Assistance (guide) dogs ** No fee

 * A certificate by a veterinarian certifying that the dog has been spayed or neutered is required when applying for a licence for a spayed or neutered dog.
**There is no fee for Assistance Dogs. Licence Applications with supporting documentation must be provided in person to the District Hall office on the 2nd Floor at 5797 Cowrie Street.


Renewals can now be done online at  A Renewal Notice will be sent out several weeks prior to the expiration of the annual licence.

Dog Regulations

Are we required to clean up after our dogs?
Yes, carry a plastic bag with you, put your hand in the bag, pick up the feces and then close the bag over them. Dispose of the excrement in a sanitary manner.

What do we do if we lose or find a dog?
If your dog becomes lost, call the District of Sechelt, the S.P.C.A. (604 740-0301) and all animal hospitals. If you find a dog contact the District of Sechelt and the S.P.C.A.  See the S.P.C.A. Lost and Found Website for additional information.

Is there a 'leash law'?  What does that mean?
Yes, if you are the owner of a dog or have the custody, care or control of the dog, you must have the dog on a leash when off your property. This will stop the dog from running at large. If your dog is seen running at large it can be impounded.

If my dog is impounded what does that mean?
Your dog is taken into the custody of the Bylaw Enforcement Officer or the RCMP and taken to the Pound.  If you wish to reclaim your dog a fee must be paid before the dog is released from the Pound.

What are the penalties for not complying with the Dog Licensing & Control Bylaw?

  • Unlicensed dog $50.00
  • Dog tag not affixed $50.00
  • More than 2 dogs $50.00
  • Dog running at large $50.00
  • Fail to remove excrement $50.00
  • Fail to remove dangerous dog $200.00
  • Obstructing an officer $200.00

Dangerous Dogs

A Dangerous dog is:

  • one which injures or kills a person or domestic animal.
  • one which has a tendency or disposition to viciously attack without provocation.
  • one which has more than once bitten a human or domestic animal without provocation.

What happens if I see a Dangerous Dog?
Immediately report it to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer or the RCMP.

If a dog is deemed as Dangerous, is it allowed in the District of Sechelt?
No. It must be removed or disposed of in a humane manner.

Dogs in Vehicles in the Summer

Your car is a death trap for your pet! On an 85F (25C) degree day, the temperature inside your car--with the windows slightly opened--will reach 125F (51C) degrees in 10 to 30 minutes, your pet can die in 10 minutes. Dogs in Vehicles in the Summer Poster