Tree Limbing, Cutting, Removal

The District of Sechelt considers it in the public interest to protect the natural environment and to provide for the preservation of trees. Consider if the trees you wish to trim, cut down or remove are on District property or private property. 

On District Property?

The District has a Tree Limbing and Cutting Policy which provides direction to District staff when dealing with requests to limb or remove trees from District owned and managed property for view or safety reasons. An Online Service Request form is available and Parks staff will assist the public with these decisions.

The District of Sechelt Parks Tree Protection Bylaw No. 436, 2005 applies to any public lands designated or considered as Park by the District of Sechelt. No person shall cut, or cause, permit or allow the cutting or pruning of a tree within a Park. 


On Private Property?

The District of Sechelt Environmental Management and Protection Bylaw No. 484, 2009 prohibits the cutting or removal of trees. For an easy to read brochure on protecting trees in Sechelt, click here.