Pesticide Permit

The District of Sechelt restricts non-essential use of pesticieds and herbicides to protect environmental and community health.

Products allowed under District of Sechelt Pesticide Bylaw No. 441, 2007:

    Insecticidal and herbicidal soaps
    Mineral, dormant or horicultural oil
    Silicon dioxide
    Boracic/boric acid (Borax)
    Ferric phosphate
    Acetic or fatty acids
    Pyrethrum or pyrethrins
    Sulphur (Copper sulphate or Lime sulphur)

Should you consider use of a product that is not allowed you have two options:

1.    Consult the District of Sechelt in advance, abide by all Pesticide Bylaw requirements, such as post notices, seek permission of neighbouring 
       property owner, obey setbacks from public areas and waterways, etc. 

2.    Use the services of a licenced pesticide/herbicide applicator or firm.

Natural garden pest control as well as non-toxic and homemade remedies can be found in the Guide to Natural Lawn & Garden Care brochure which can be picked up at the District office