Alternative Approval Process - Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 594, 2020 (Public Works/Parks Operations Centre)

What is the project? 

  • Design and construction of a new Operations Centre for the Public Works and Parks departments at 5400 Dusty Road, Sechelt (the site of the current Operations Yard).
  • The facility is at the conceptual design phase.
  • Envisioned amenities include a mezzanine, equipment bay, work bays, office spaces, workstation areas and a meeting/training room.
  • A needs assessment recommended a 1,000-square-metre facility.
  • A public request for proposals (RFP) for the design and build of the Operations Centre was conducted.
  • The selected proposal was the highest ranked proposal based on qualifications, methodology and cost.
  • The building will comply with the new BC Energy Step Code requirements for energy efficiency (These new Provincial requirements have been planned for several years so the quote for construction took this into consideration).
  • The District seeks environmentally friendly factors, such as, but not limited to, clean energy options and rainwater collection to be considered in the facility design.
  • Review the preliminary draft design can be found in this staff report. 

Why do we need it?

  • 18 staff have worked out of portable offices and tents since 2012.
  • The Public Works and Parks departments are fragmented between five different sites, which results in inefficiencies with staff frequently travelling between locations.
  • Expensive equipment and supplies are stored in unsecured spaces and often exposed to the elements, which shortens their lifespan.
  • Staff are working in damp, unheated conditions with regular rodent infestations.
  • Staff need a change room that is separate from the lunchroom.
  • Properly ventilated, covered, heated parking bays for plugging in and parking plow trucks and changing blades in winter are a must for the equipment and for staff.

 Current Operations yard and work tents:                                  Proposed draft design: 

Drawing and Rendering Package



What is the cost?

Project Budget Cost and funding source:

  • Design and Engineering $132,744  - Public Works Building Reserve
  • Offsite Costs $680,000 (storm, sanitary sewer, water, road, street light and landscaping)- Public Works Building Reserve
  • General Contingency $30,720 - Public Works Building Reserve
  • Total Funded from Reserve $843,464 - Public Works Building Reserve
  • Building Construction $2,365,750 - Long-term Borrowing
  • Construction Contingency $405,494 - Long-term Borrowing
  • Total to borrow $2,771,244 
  • Total Project Costs $3,614,708

Budgeted costs propose by Caerus Constructions Ltd: 

  • Design and Engineering $132,744
  • Building Permit Costs $20,500
  • Construction Costs $1,953,861
  • BC Hydro Service $29,469
  • On-Site Landscaping & Fencing $54,885
  • On-Site Civil Works $307,035
  • Total Construction Costs $2,498,494

How do we pay for it?

  • In accordance with the Community Charter, the District must obtain approval from the electors for long-term borrowing. This approval will be sought using the Alternative Approval Process (AAP).
  • The estimated cost for the project is $3.8 million.
  • $800,000 will be funded through District reserves.
  • Borrowing a maximum of $3,000,000 will sufficiently cover the cost of the project.
  • The loan will be repaid over 20 years.
  • The interest rate is 2.15%. (fixed for 10 years and then remortgaged)
  • The property tax increase is approximately $ 31.29 per average household valued at $638,517 (based on December 2020 estimates and assessments).

What is an AAP?

AAP is an Alternative Approval ProcessThis process is used to allow a BC municipality to undertake long-term borrowing. The municipality is required to notify electors by advertising in local papers of the process and the borrowing details. The District will have a notice in each of the local newspapers (The Local and the Coast Reporter). Eligible electors (citizens who are eligible to vote under BC laws) will have until 4 pm on February 26, 2021 to submit an Elector Response Form - if they oppose the borrowing. If more than 10% of the eligible electors complete and submit an Elector Response Form, the District of Sechelt cannot proceed with the borrowing without going  to a referendum.

There are an estimated 8603 eligible electors in Sechelt. The 10% threshold for the AAP is therefore 860.

If I am opposed to borrowing the funds for this project, how do I vote?

  • Elector Response Forms are available until February 26, 2021:
    • on the District website at
    • at the Municipal Hall from 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday
    • in the lobby outside the Sechelt library during business hours
    • emailed upon request
  • Eligible electors who wish to vote against Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 594, 2020 must submit a completed and signed Elector Response Form by 4 pm on February 26, 2021.
  • Elector Response Forms can be submitted in person at municipal hall, by mail or by email or fax.
    • PO Box 129, 5797 Cowrie street Sechelt, BC V0N3A0
    • Fax: 604.885.7591
    • drop in District mail slot outside the municipal hall entrance on Cowrie Street

Any questions about the project or the AAP process can be submitted to or call 604-885-1986