Community Associations

Community associations are organizations formed when a group of residents in a defined area come together to address issues affecting its community. These issues can include traffic congestion, proposed developments, or safety concerns. Community associations bring concerns to Council's attention for consideration through meetings, letters and delegations at public council meetings. The leaders of the community associations also meet with council twice each year to discussed broader issues.

 If you are interested in becoming a community association please review the policy and submit an application form. For more information please call 604-885-1986 or email

2019 Community Associations map

Davis Bay / Wilson Creek / Selma Park Community Association



Marg Pearson - President:

website: | Facebook: DavisBayCommunityAssociation


Our Mandate

Believing in the importance of a healthy community and in the value of community volunteers, we

  • provide opportunity for discussion and advocacy on Davis Bay, Wilson Creek, and Selma Park neighbourhood issues;
  • act as a liaison between the District of Sechelt and the neighbourhoods;
  • sponsor local events like the annual Davis Bay Sandcastle Competition;
  • sponsor or organize neighbourhood picnics and other gatherings;
  • support the Food Bank and other not-for-profit agencies on the Sunshine Coast;
  • work with other community associations and agencies on issues important to Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast

We continue to support the Teddy Bear Daycare Centre, Music Makers, and baseball field for children and families from all over the Sunshine Coast. For more information on the Davis Bay/ Wilson Creek/Selma Park Community Association, please visit their website.

The area formerly called Wilson Creek is now called ts’uk̲w’um. This name change was made official by the Province of BC in 2021. You can learn to pronounce this correctly on the shíshálh Nation website website.


East Porpoise Bay Community Association


Adam Shepherd, President: 604-315-3440 |
Greg Deacon, Secretary: 604-885-7773 |


East Porpoise Bay includes a mixture of industrial and residential areas, including the new Edgewater development and Porpoise Bay Estates. One of the highlights of the neighbourhood is Porpoise Bay Provincial Park, located on the west side of Sechelt Inlet Rd.  The East Porpoise Bay Community Association is recognized by the District of Sechelt to represent the East Porpoise Bay area.  Our goals are to:

  • advance and represent the concerns and well-being of the community;
  • improve and maintain the quality of life of the residents of East Porpoise Bay, and where appropriate the larger Sechelt community;
  • promote community spirit and pride among East Porpoise Bay residents through cooperative community activities;
  • encourage residents to communicate with the Association by email, letter or phone;
  • promote the environmental and ecological well-being of Sechelt Inlet and in particular Porpoise Bay, having participated in air particulate monitoring and water testing.

Our Members believe strongly in the enjoyment and quality of life we currently experience in East Porpoise Bay and also in the long term potential of controlled growth in this neighbourhood. Our aim is to protect and enhance this quality of life for all who live, work and play here and similarly in the larger community of Sechelt itself.

Please visit for information on meetings, membership and volunteer opportunities.


Sunshine Heights Owners and Residents Association

Please visit SHORA’s website for information:



West Porpoise Bay Community Association

Community Association is currently not operating.


Tuwanek Ratepayers Association


Linda Williams, President:


Sandy Hook Community Association

Please visit the website for information:



Sechelt Village Residents Association


Douglas Smith, President: 604-399-9123


Our mission is to assist members in the Village community by voicing your concerns to the specific bodies involved.  We maintain vigilance in the community with your assistance  and with the benefit of other local community associations. We encourage members to discuss potential issues with us in order to determine how we may support your cause. Together we can continue to enjoy the attractiveness, safety and vibrant culture of the Village of Sechelt. 

West Sechelt Community Association


Kareen McCaughan:


West Sechelt Community Association (WSCA) was formed in 2006 to represent the interests of West Sechelt to the District of Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast Regional District councils and staff and to keep our area residents informed about events and developments that might affect them.

We are non-partisan, supporting no political party or position. Instead, WSCA advocates for good policy as it affects our neighbourhood. 

Our priorities are:

  •  water and other infrastructure
  •  park, beach access and trail enhancement
  •  safety
  •  examination of proposed construction and developments

Please visit for information on meetings, membership and dues.


Tillicum Bay Community Association


website:| Facebook Tillicum Bay Neighbourhood Association 

The Tillicum Bay neighbourhood is located on the beautiful waters of Sechelt Inlet, in-between the neighbourhoods of Sandy Hook and Tuwanek.  Our neighbourhood also includes Tillicum Bay Marina, which provides important marine services and water access for residents and visitors. We are a place where neighbours stop to chat along the road.

The Tillicum Bay Neighbourhood Association is a member-funded society formed in August 2017 to represent the interests of the Tillicum Bay neighbourhood property owners and residents to the District of Sechelt council and staff, and any other government agencies as applicable. Our mission is to keep our area citizens informed about events and developments that might affect them. We endeavor to:

  • Promote the environmental and ecological well-being of our neighbourhood, Sechelt Inlet and any other areas of concern.
  • Co-operate with other organizations and agencies, which have objectives similar in whole or in part to those of our society.
  • Advocate for good policy and for best practices from all government levels.

Please visit for information on meetings, membership and dues.