Schedule of events

You can have your say the following ways:  

  • November - community association meetings  
  • November 14 - 30: Posters in Trail Bay mall with QR codes to link directly to surveys. 
  • October and November:  Paper surveys available at the library. 
  • Watch the video of the Zoning Bylaw - Public Consultation Review (held on December 10, 2020) on the District of Sechelt YouTube Channel.
  • Email us
  • Call and ask to speak to a member of the Planning team 604-885-1986

Sechelt Zoning Bylaw

Community Zoom Meeting: 

  • Watch the video of the Zoning Bylaw - Public Consultation Review (held on December 10, 2020) on the District of Sechelt YouTube Channel.
  • Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page for an announcement in the new year about another community meeting. 

What is a zoning bylaw?

A zoning bylaw tells a property owner what they can and can not do on their property. A zoning bylaw should reflect the community values and maintain the neighbourhood’s unique identity and it provides the rules that are suggested by the Official Community Plan (OCP). The OCP is the higher-level vision document.

For example, if you have a property that is zoned R1 you can likely only build one house on it but that house can have a secondary suite within it. This means it is unlikely you will see a high rise in Sandy Hook because all the properties there are primarily R1 and R3. If you have an R1 property but you really want to build a duplex on it and you want both duplexes to have a secondary suite you have to go to Council to have them amend the zoning bylaw for you. There is a long process to do this and they still might say no. That is why it is important to our community that we get the bylaw right - it will reflect your priorities and cut red tape.

Why are we updating the bylaw?

The District of Sechelt is creating an updated Zoning Bylaw to better reflect current public expectations and land use planning best practices, and to bring it substantially in line with the Official Community Plan.


The community consultation begins on October 7, 2020 and will conclude on November 30, 2020. If the results of the consultation indicate there is still information we are missing or there is still information the community wants to share, we will continue with more questions and opportunities to share your views in early 2021. 

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